How Dancing Can Get You Fit

Dancing  photo
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Dancing can offer you multiple health benefits. It can replace cardio workouts and muscle toning exercise routines. Furthermore, dancing can get you fit, provided that you make it one of your regular habits. Let’s see what happens inside your body when you dance.

First of all, dancing involves working out several muscle groups. Your biceps, triceps, quadriceps and hamstrings will contract and relax as you move your arms and legs to the rhythm of the music. Your core muscles will also benefit from dance, thus contributing to improving your balance and your posture.

Furthermore, you can consider dance a form of aerobic exercise. The more intense your movements, the more your heart rate is going to accelerate. Maintain the vigorous rhythm for about 15 to 20 minutes, and your breathing rate is also going to raise. Apparently, even slower forms of dancing such as the Argentinian tango and the waltz can help you burn about 200 calories per hour. When it comes to disco and ballroom dancing, you can burn 400 calories per hour, or even more. This is how dancing can help you lose weight without having to bother with restrictive diets or with long hours of working out in smelly gyms.

As you can see, both your muscles and your heart will benefit from the positive effects of dancing. In addition, since this is a joyful activity and a form of releasing the pressure of your regular chores and duties, it has excellent effects on your mind. According to psychologists, dancing can help you improve your mood, as it boosts the blood levels of the happiness hormones. This can stimulate your desire to repeat the experience, so you’ll be more likely to go dancing two or three times a week rather than sticking to a similar gym workout schedule.

This is in a nutshell how dancing can get you fit. It helps toning your muscles, strengthening your joints and improving your balance and your body posture. It help you burn calories, thus facilitating your weight loss efforts. In addition, dance makes your heart beat faster, thus being equivalent to cardio workout sessions. Besides, being a pleasurable activity, there are good chances to stick to it for much longer than to workout sessions and diets. All these being said, you should pick your favorite dance and join a class as soon as possible. Your body and your mind will thank you for that.